Selling Process:

Step 1: Pricing a property

Reliable & Confidential Market Analysis

When you are ready to sell, we will meet at your home. During your private consultation, a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) report will be provided that was created specifically for your home, which will determine prices being paid for homes in your current area. Using all the available information, I will help determine a fair price for your home and with which you can start the marketing process. A well – priced home will generate competing offers and drive up the final sale value.

Step 2: Preparing your home to put on the market

Complimentary Home Staging

Our staging services can do wonders for your home. Studies suggest staged homes sell faster and attract more money, and in a changing marketplace. Staging can be as simple as removing some clutter or as detailed as redesigning or refurnishing room. We will provide you with a complementary FREE home staging that will create maximum buyer appeal of your home.

Virtual Staging

Setting up empty property with virtual furniture instantly gives your property a competitive edge over others as it allows buyers to visualize themselves in the home by just viewing the photos. These virtually staged photos will allow us to:
  • Attract more showings
  • Get more offers
  • Seller faster and for better value

Professional Photography

Working with the very best in professional real estate photography, our photos stand out from the completion and are featured in a number of newspapers and can be found on trending social media attracting the attention of local & international buyers.

Dynamic Video Tours

Our Dynamic True Video tours allow the buyer to see and connect with your home from anywhere in the world, giving your listing the exposure, it deserves. A video tour, the person viewing will be able to experience a realistic tour of the house while sitting at home. They will be able to get a complete visual of how the house will look when they actually visit in person.

Virtual 3D Tour

Now buyers from across the globe can navigate through our listings with the same technology google uses for their “Street View”. Walk behind the island to see your view while cooking, take a ride the homes elevator or stroll around the pool deck at night. All of this can be done from your laptop or hand-held device and connect your phone to your Google or Samsung goggles and walk through the home in true 3D VR fashion.

Professional Floor Plans

Accurate measurements and floor plans area necessity when marketing to today’s sophisticated buyers. Your home will have onsite measurements and computerized floor plans by a team with backgrounds in Design, Land Surveying, Construction, Building Technologies, and proven competency with BOMA measurements.

Step 3: Expose your home to public

Online Marketing & Advertisements

To maximize the exposure of your property online, we aggressively advertise via local and global networks to get the most impressions for your listing. This includes showcase and advertising your listing on various websites (local and abroad). A few of the local websites include:

Social Media Marketing & Advertising

Upon receiving your listing, we will create SMO (social media optimized) posts and paid advertisements across all social medial channels to instantly generate more impressions and increase its exposure to buyers in moth the local and overseas market.
You will see your listing being shared and promoted via

Print Advertisement

Once your home is listed with me, printed material will be circulated to market your home immediately in strategic areas. By utilizing a combination of online and offline strategies, we ensure that all types of audiences are covered. Some of the print material we prepared include:
  • Custom Listing Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Features Sheets

Proactive Marketing

I don’t wait for the buyers for your house as my competitive do. As soon your house in the market, right of way we start calling our data base, past clients, neighborhood and my fellow realtors to market your house to find a potential buyer for your house.
  • Calling Neighborhood
  • Contact my data base
  • Networking with fellow realtors

Open Houses

Personalized invitations call to buyers and agents, food, drinks, listing packages and guided tours are given to each agent and their buyers at your home.

Step 4: Handle all the details


  • Offers (s) received
  • Offer (s) negotiated
  • Offer accepted
  • Inspections & disclosures completed
  • Subject removed
  • Property closes with lawyers
  • Refer friends to Rajiv

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Every home we sell becomes a Miracle Home, meaning part of our professional fee is contributed to Children’s Miracle Network & BC Children’s Hospital


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